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24hrs in Police Custody

24hrs in Police Custody (Series 1-5)
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Series 1 - Gallery Director

Series 2-5 - Series Gallery Director

This observational documentary series will follow a number of serious crime investigations that very much reflect the current state of the world we live in. From murder and rape to people trafficking and modern day slavery, to accusations of terrorism and members of the public taking the law into their own hands, the series offers unprecedented access into the day-to-day challenges of modern policing.

Filmed by a combination of fixed-rig and handheld cameras, the landmark series will follow officers at Bedfordshire Police as they respond to 999 calls, arrest suspects and place them in custody. The cameras follow the detectives as they begin their investigations under the pressure of the 24-hour custody clock and the intensely dramatic moment when the police case is put to the suspect in interview.

With over 80 fixed rig cameras throughout Luton police station